How to setup tp link router?

Tplink router can be setup using You need to be connected to your router in order to use tp-link login. Tplinklogin will work if you are connected to its wireless or through Ethernet cable. says you aren't connected to your TP-Link network. Please check your network connection and try again.

This window only appears when you are trying to access tplink login page or for tp link setup. This page helps you to access you tp-link router for making changes on your router or setup tplink wireless router.

Most of the routers can be access through but if it’s not working then you need to use tp link ip address. The default address is but it changes sometime because of your internet connection type and operational mode.

How to login in tp link router?

Routers like-

Tp link ac1750, Tp-link ac1900, Tplink archer c7, Tp link archer c9, Tp-link archer c50, Tp-link archer c8, Tplink archer c9 can be setup using You need to open your browser and type in tplinkwifi login. Check the very first website which is and open it.

What is tp link admin login?

You can use admin or password for your router as per the model of the router. All the letters should be lowercase and make sure you change it once you login in your tp link.

Changing the tp-link admin login is a best way to avoid security issues. Using the default tp link admin login will be easier for anyone to find it online. Try changing it time to time for better security.

Tp-link coverage solution

Tp-link always keep in mind to make best coverage for you devices. They introduced Tplink Deco Home Wi-Fi system for giving wireless to every corner of your house. Providing stronger connection to your devices, so you can enjoy wireless every time.

Tplink also provide lifetime support for this device with easy configuration instruction. Setup tp link deco using home care application for android and IOS.

Tplink Smart Setup

Tplink brings vast list of smart devices like-

  • Tp-link smart cameras
  • Tplink smart plug
  • Tp link smart switch
  • Tp-link smart bulb

These devices will bring a big change in your life. Using such device will enhance your wireless experience.

They are really easy to setup and to use. All the devices are power efficient and best designed smart devices.

Replace your wireless devices with these devices and try upgrading to next level of networking.

Most of the devices are app supported so you can access them anywhere anytime. Use android or IOS device to access and setup your smart devices.

TP link setup wizard is not working using

What if tp link setup wizard is not working, and then you need to see the router first. Check the router’s power if it is blinking or solid. If it’s solid then it’s working well and if it’s blinking then you need to do some changes –

  • Check the cable hardware connections. (Use manual)
  • Use direct wall socket and avoid surge protectors.
  • Reset your router.
  • Check if you are connected to tp link wifi network.

How to upgrade tp link firmware?

For upgrading tp link router you need to follow these steps –

  • Make sure you are connected to you tp link router.
  • Login using default credentials.
  • For login use
  • You can also use
  • Hit firmware update and check for the update.
  • You can also download tp link router firmware for manual update.

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